Language School in Ecuador

We teach you to speak Spanish faster than anywhere else. We make learning Spanish easy and fun. Spanish classes, lessons and private Spanish tutoring is taught by your great native Spanish teacher in small class sizes. Giving you hands on speaking practice and individual attention in each class which essential to developing speaking fluency in Spanish.

Learn Spanish in real life theme based lessons so that you can learn to communicate confidently in Spanish in everyday situations. Classes are casual, meet year round, offer convenient scheduling, and have shown proven results.

Private one to one

If you want individual attention or you want to learn specific Spanish, like medical private lessons are ideal for you. If you are travelling with someone with the same abilities as you, than it is also possible to take classes together. This course consists of 20 hours Spanish per week.

Intensive Spanish mini group

Follow two 2-hour lessons per day, 5 times a week. There are different groups with different kind of levels. In the morning classes you will get grammar, in the afternoon you will practise the points learned before through conversations, games and role-plays.

Spanish & Volunteering

Help the local community while learning Spanish. There are different options available, for example working at a primary school. There is a minimum of 2 weeks for this course.